1. boys will not “be boys”. boys will be human beings and they will fuck up but just because they were born as boys does it not mean that they have every right to fuck you over in evert way possible.
2. people come and people go, and when its time - you have to let them go.
3. don’t let anyone ever doubt your ability to save yourself.
4. you will find yourself on bathroom floors in the middle of the night and whatever you are feeling and thinking in that moment you will have the strength to pull yourself together.
5. its okay not to be okay.
6. The demons in your mind and body cannot kill you. if you sit still and they tell you its time to go, you will stay. depression cannot kill you, your actions can.
7. those rare people that truly loves you are the only people you really need in your life, the rest will be there to give you a smile or two, then they will move on in order to make room for the next one.
8. scars on your body is nothing to strive for nor anything to be ashamed of.
9. age does not define or equal maturity. age is the number of years you’ve been alive - maturity is something completely different.
10. some people will care more about how other people see you than how you feel. they are idiots.
11. The only person who can fully save you is yourself and only you. All the shit they write in romantic novels or whatever someone says - no one but you will save you.
12. sometimes you will do everything for someone who won’t lift their pinky for you and thats okay, as long as you’re the one doing something and everything for someone. Help where you can help. Some need it.
13. The road to success is not doing everything you have to do to get there, no matter the consequences. The road to success is about working your ass off and being nice to people.
14. Midnight conversations with your best friend and a cup of tea can solve pretty much everything.
15. Your worth is not defined by who and who doesn’t love you. Learn how to love and respect yourself and you’ll be fine.
16. Only respect those who respect you.
17. Everything is temporary, even the good. So enjoy what you are given whether you feel like it or not because sooner then you realize it will be long gone and past forever. 17 things i learned before i turned 17. (i.g) 
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being against gay marriage does in fact 100% make you homophobic sorry

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